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Think of how many logos you see in just one day. On average a person can see over 30 brands in about 30 minutes. That’s almost 1000 logos from waking to sleep! It’s important to stand out when the competition is all around you. We understand the importance of brand design and development and simplify the process for you, starting from the ground up, or revamping your current design.

From the ground up

Starting from scratch should only be done if you are just starting, are a young business, or your current design isn’t helping you out. When starting a logo design from the ground up, it is important for you to have a firm grasp and understanding of your business, competition, and your target market. This helps greatly in the design process. If you don’t understand much about your business yet, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What is it that I do/sell/provide?
  • Who’s my biggest competitor?
  • Why should customers come to me instead of the competition?
  • What’s unique about my business compared to the rest of the industry? Compared to my biggest competitor?
  • What do I want my current customers to say about my business?
  • What do I want prospective customers to think about my business?
  • Where will I sell my service/products? Online, in-store, both, word-of-mouth?

After thinking about these questions, you will have enough information to provide us, so we can start on your new awesome design.

Revamping a Logo

Revamping a logo is recommended if you have a well established business, and people know and recognize your logo. This is a much cheaper and easier approach to give your business that new car smell. Not much information is needed for us to get started:

  • How has my business changed from start to now?
  • How old is my current logo?

That first question is a loaded one, but necessary. If you started your business in the 90’s and focused on stability, your logo may have straight strong lines, bold shapes, blue or gold colors, or any amount of imagery that resembles strength. If you are now focused customer satisfaction, shapes will be a little softer and colors will be more open and friendly. Keep in mind that your overall logo will be the same and only minor changes will be made to insure recognition of your brand.

Ready to start?

Getting a logo designed should be an exciting part of business. It’s an opportunity to quickly connect with your customers, both prospective and current, without saying or doing much of anything. A picture speaks a thousand words, so let those words be at the forefront when someone needs what you offer.

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